What Is Adware?

Adware is software thats sole purpose on your computer is to deliver advertisements to you.  Adware is a combination of the words advertising and software by taking the first two letters of ADvertising and the last four letters of softWARE to give you Adware

Adware is not necessarily a bad thing as there may be some programs that deliver coupons to you as soon as they are available and that would possibly be considered adware.  Having said that though the vast majority of adware programs on the internet today install themselves without your knowledge or through hidden and shady tactics. 

Most of these programs will bombard you with popup windows that your standard browser popup blocker cannot stop.  With enough adware programs on your computer it can actually become unusable throwing so many advertisements windows in front of your work that you cannot accomplish anything but closing them.  some of these adware programs even fall under the category of "spyware". 


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